Guys Do This Too

Guys really do care about their physical appearance.

5/12/20191 min read

Male grooming is not a trend. I REPEAT MALE GROOMING IS NOT A TREND. Men want to look their best too!!! Feeling good about how you look is a human experience and should not be pigeonholed into a gender specific group of individuals. As a licensed professional in the beauty industry I am elated at the surge of product lines that cater to men. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

Yes, male skincare needs are different than those of females but Skin is Skin in my unsolicited opinion. I want to challenge more men to come out of hiding and groom proud and out loud. There are spaces that exist that address the needs of the male demographic. As I have grown up in this industry I am elated to see the inclusion of men.

Little back story-

For the life of me I will never understand why or how the beauty industry has been allowed to go on for so long as lopsided as it has been. Women are the perceived target demographic and men have been left out of the conversation all together. The irony of all of this that the ones that are driving the industry are men. Some of the biggest names in beauty are owned by men. It’s crazy, right?! Well no dramas I am beating my drum and preaching from the mountain tops about more inclusion in the beauty industry. There’s enough room for everyone.

Here’s where I challenge you as the person reading this blog post. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you feel your best. If you want to groom then get gussied up and don’t worry about what other folks say. Until the next time I am wishing you the freedom to be your amazing self because that other guy is already taken.