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If you search “Rochester Michigan body waxing” you’re going to be greeted with a LOT of results – but when you choose ME Beauty you get rockin’ professionals that only do body waxing, professionals that will be here for you every step of the way and we never double dip!

We know that there are a lot of places out there that offer “waxing services” (being waxed at a salon is so passé) and other hair removal services, but ME Beauty is different. We do waxing, waxing, and only waxing. Did we mention we don’t use any other kind of hair removal methods other than waxing? Just checking. Waxing is our thing – we’re crazy passionate about it.

Have you ever tried to wax yourself at home and been really disappointed? We’ve all been there, honey! When you want professional results you need to leave it to a professional.


Why We’re Different

We use an Australian wax that is ONLY available to professionals.  This wax is never too hot, it goes on smooth and removes unwanted hair in a flash.

When you book a session with us you get the benefit of all of our years of training and experience that make us Jedi Waxstars! We’ll get rid of that unwanted hair for you in a clean, safe and fun environment but only if you book your session. What are you waiting for?! Click the Book a Session button at the top of our website, create your account and schedule your session right now!


Shavin’ it for Marriage

Before we can wax you for the first time, you’re going to need to practice some hair removal abstinence. You’ll need to undergo a grow out period of 2 to 3 weeks for a successful waxing; this means no shaving, no nothing until it’s time for your session.

Abstaining from shaving or other body hair removal methods can be miserable to say the least – so many people fall off the no-shave wagon before their first session… but trust us, it’s TOTALLY worth it to wait. A good grow out period yields better and long lasting results for weeks to come.

Want to avoid all that pre-waxing shaving-abstinence anxiety? Create your account, book your session and you’ll have your email confirmation telling you the date you’ll be hair-free again. Why wait? Click the Book a Session button at the top of our website (do it now!) and schedule your session today!