Join The Smoovement™

It's simple: if you buy a smooth patch pass, you qualify to save 30% of the list price on all a-la carte pay-as-you-go services. Wait there’s more…Not only do you qualify for 30% off of services. Your smooth patch pass also entitles you to a 15% off of retail pricing on products sold here at MBR. The discount on products and services gives your wallet the boost it needs during this recession.

All of this is yours for $199.99 for two years from the date of purchase. If want to go-BIG you can upgrade to MBR's Non-Expiring Smooth Patch Pass for $249.99. Either way you will enjoy smoothness for years to come.

Here is an example of the savings you are entitled to as the owner of a Smooth Patch Pass.

Notice: Good only at ME Beauty Republic. Smooth Patch Pass and service costs are subject to change at any time. The savings example uses approximate percentages that are rounded to the closest whole percentage. The real discounts you receive may vary based on the service. Subject to the applicable taxes. Cannot be used with any other promotion; only MBR's LoyalME promotion is acceptable. To learn more about Smooth Patch Pass, ask Tiffany.