Ingrown Hair

What exactly is an ingrown hair?

Image of Ingrown Hairs
Image of Ingrown Hairs

Two varieties of ingrown hairs exist.

The typical transfollicular ingrown (see image on the right) happens when the hair's sharp tip bends back or grows sideways instead of out of the follicle. It's very irksome, huh? In essence, the hair doesn't breach the skin because something is preventing it from developing in the proper direction. In most cases the thing that is preventing the hair form surfacing is a caused by a build up of sebum.

Then there are the notorious extrafollicular, often known as razor bumps (see middle photo). These are caused by hair that grows normally out of the follicle before curling back into the skin. This hair was allowed to grow pretty much as it pleased, but instead it chose to be annoying!

Both ingrowns can result in annoying buildup and irritation to your precious skin. No dramas ME Beauty Republic's in-house expert on this matter has got you covered, and is fully prepared to guide you on how to tackle both of these pesky ingrowns leaving you with skin so smooth that it rivals a baby's bottom.

Using products that contain an AHA and BHA. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid and is a type of naturally existing acids that are present in milk, sugar cane, and fruits. One of MBR's top sellers SIMPLIFIED is a lotion that contains goat's milk and is sold here. It's does wonders on dry winter skin, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a film on the surface of the skin. AHA's are great for smoothing the skin, unblocking pores and reducing hyperpigmentation and scarring.

BHA also know as Beta Hydroxy Acid controls and balances oil production. It works by softening the sebum in pores and it helps to improve the skin’s texture. This acid is capable of penetrating and breaking down lipids. A very well known BHA is salicylic acid, and it's found in many beauty products on the market.

Best recommendation for winning the war against ingrown hairs is to use a product that contains both an AHA and a BHA. That way you can target both types of ingrown hairs without damaging your skin.