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Hey Hairy!

Now, This is More Like It!

You can get waxed almost any place now-a-days (including a hair salon…which might I add is so passe’) so here is the difference between ME and other hair-removal places: I offer truly dedicated customer service, I only use the highest-quality materials for the best results, and I don’t double dip.

Ever tried to do your wax at home and been hugely disappointed? That’s because you didn’t have my Italian Australian wax, only available to licensed professionals, or the years of training and experience that make me a jedi waxstar (inside joke).

Enough about ME here’s what I can do for you. I’ll  GET RID of that unwanted hair for you Only if you book your session.  What are you waiting for?  Click the Book ME button at the top of the website, create an account, and schedule yourself a session for smoothness.

Making the decision to stop shaving and start waxing can cause anxiety. I know that the grow out phase required for waxers can be intimidating, and sadly many fall off the wagon before their first appointment.   Just so you know grow out is extremely popular among the really cool people that wax.  The key to an anxiety free grow out is a pre-scheduled wax session.  Your email confirmation is proof that you ‘re cool.  What are you waiting for, click the Book ME button and fast track your way to smooth.


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